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Visit the Holy Land on one of our VRBX virtual tours. Each location and audio script has been carefully researched and designed to inform and help you appreciate these important biblical sites. When the image opens up, feel free to take your time and look all around you, scanning above you and below you to get acquainted with the different facets of the biblical site. You are virtually there. When you’re ready, turn on the narration, make the Mini-Tour Menu visible by clicking the trigger button on either controller and clicking on the “Voice” link. Sit back and listen to our expert audio recording (about one to three minutes per scene).

These virtual tours are convenient and easily accessible—you can return to each tour as often as you wish—they’re always available. And each year we’ll be adding more Holy Land 360 Tours so you’ll be able to travel to these new locations.



(If you’d like some help on how to use the tour menu with your Quest controller, check out the website FAQ section under “Holy Land 360 Tours.”)


Tour 1. Model of Jerusalem 66 AD  (8 Scenes)


  • Eastern View of Jerusalem Model

  • Western and Southern Views of Jerusalem Model


Tour 2. Western & Southern Walls of Temple Mount  (10 Scenes)


  • Western Wall & Prayer Area

  • Robinson’s Arch & Southwest Corner

  • Southern Steps Toward East

Tour 3. Key Sites in Jerusalem  (8 Scenes)


  • Bird’s-Eye View of Jerusalem and Gethsemane

  • City of David Today


Coming Soon

Tour 4. Northern Galilee: Capernaum & Chorazin  (10 Scenes)


  • Capernaum Ruins 

  • Chorazin Ruins


Tour 5. Sea of Galilee (10 Scenes)


  • Western Shore of the Sea of Galilee

  • Eastern Shore of the Sea of Galilee


MEET YOUR TOUR CREATORS - Dr. Mike Hagan and Dr. Klaus Issler.

Mike taught courses on the Bible and archaeology for over 30 years and led tours to Israel for over 10 years. Klaus taught courses in educational studies and theology and has publications on the life of Jesus Christ.  Both are now retired seminary professors, have known each other since middle school days, and have appreciated the opportunity to work together in providing a way for you to visit the Holy Land virtually. 

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